Nithyananda Sangha New Zealand


Nithyanandam, Welcome to Nithyananda Sangha, Life Bliss New Zealand!

We are a Sangha (community based on Oneness) that learn and live the following Tattvas (principles/ truths):

  • Guru – the Avatar & Master – the living example of highest possibilities.
  • Linga – tradition, science and lifestyle of Shaivism based on non-violence and bliss as an expression of Sadashiva Himself, the first Guru who walked on planet earth as an example and blessing/ boon for His own creations; reminding everyone that Oneness (Enlightenment) is our original state.
  • Sangha – a blissful community living and supporting each other to expand and become established in Oneness with the teachings of the Guru – based on the Enlightenment tradition and sciences from the Vedas and Agamas (ancient scriptures recording the pure science & applied science aspects of Enlightenment).

We have Satsang Centres and Paduka Mandirs in Auckland, Pukekohe (South Auckland), Rotorua, Wellington & Napier radiating Swamiji’s presence – and are rapidly expanding to many other locations in New Zealand.

We offer various local sessions (online & in-locations/ individual, corporate & group sessions), Sangha activities as well as host special Weekend workshops on 2-way and 1-way videoconferencing by the Avatar – Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda Swami (fondly known as Swamiji) Himself!

Together, we support every seeker’s journey to become established in Oneness/ Enlightenment with the guidance of Swamiji, by connecting them with Swamiji, so that they too can enjoy direct initiation and experience the space, presence, teachings of a rare Living Avatar and His local and global Sangha!

Here are some of our Local Sessions & Offerings

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